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Welcome to our garden, where your growth knows no bounds

Welcome to BeautiFuel!

BeautiFuel is more than a platform; it’s my gift of connection, a sanctuary where female entrepreneurs thrive. Do you feel like you are alone sometimes or harbor the stresses of not knowing where to turn for help? That’s why BeautiFuel is a compass for those navigating the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. It’s a place that cultivates community, resources, and connections to support your journey. As your Chief Growth Strategist, we are here to guide and celebrate your progress. Keep Moving, Keep Growing, and Stay BeautiFuel.

About Marie Hunter

I’m Marie Hunter, and it’s a privilege to share this journey of growth with you. As a classically trained dancer with Broadway dreams and a passion for the arts, I was driven by a desire to change the world. Fate led me to entrepreneurship in the male-dominated petroleum industry after a layoff during a recession. Despite hardships and bankruptcy, I turned challenges into opportunities, growing a business from zero to a 6, 7-figure success. Through it all, I discovered my purpose: to inspire growth and empowerment in others, including you. I’m proud to be an alumna of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program and a current mentor for Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women Program.


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BeautiFuel Thoughts Journal

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